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The book highlights the threat from the Dragon to India, its strategic interest on the Line of Actual Control and analysis of the psyche of the Chinese in having relationship with India. The Communist Party of China has its own perception with regard to India and has been party to the Proxy War of Pakistan, have covertly supported the Indian Communists and Maoists, have infiltrated into the minds of Indian leftists and provided covert support to insurgency of North East India. China’s Game Plans are long drawn and the book gives out the details. 
The Game Plan of China is not a mere border dispute; it is more than that, which Indian politicians and military leadership are not able to fathom. The question is how to checkmate China when the differentials are very large, in military equation and economy. The Chinese have played its cards well with dynamic dimensions to checkmate India in its pursuit of development and progress, and would never like India to be at par or be a challenge to its position of world power. In the present geopolitical environment, the world is of opinion that it is only India which can challenge China.
The book draws out Chinese motives and intensions against India and gives Indian options to checkmate China. Apprehensions about Indian capabilities exist among the Chinese strategists and China openly declared India as enemy. The book covers the aspect of ground realities in strategising and way forward to strategic thinking at political and military levels. The book is of interest for understanding Indo – China issues and the border disputes. 

Dragon at the Doorstep: Game Plan of China

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  • Brigadier Ashok Kumar Ganguly, SM, VSM is an experienced infantry veteran who served with honour and distinction. After having meritorious military service of 34 years, post his retirement served in the Indian Corporate Sector at senior management levels for 12 years. He has been prolific writer, published books on military affairs, and human resource management in professional sphere and contributing articles in various magazines and newspapers. He is a keen follower of geo-strategic Issues, prospective warfare concepts, geopolitical affairs, strategic Issues concerning India and the study of military conflicts. His lectures, speeches, write-ups and presentations are well-received in various academic institutions and professional forums. 

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