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This book presents the menace posed by Boko Haram in Nigeria. National responses have varied from soft and heavy hand approach, in spite the devastating humanitarian crisis and the destruction imputed by Boko Haram. This work highlights issues necessary in addressing the root causes of violent extremism in West Africa, thereby analyzing terrorist financing, in order to prevent further militancy. It also examines some strategies necessary to ensure security at the local level, and ahead of impending election in Nigeria.
Nigerian security forces have undertaken numerous counter terrorism attacks on Boko Haram at the national level, though her response is not clear, following the split within Boko Haram and their modus operandi. Cameroon, which is the second most affected country by Boko Haram, has involved the mobilization of security actors at all levels, in order to shape military tactical and operational response. Military cooperation within the region and with other states is quite fruitful. The development of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) plays a strategic role in terms of coordinating military action, though some challenges are still evident, at the level of joint military operations around the borders.

Jihadist Tendencies in West Africa: Boko Haram's Game - Yesterday, Today and Tom

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