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It has been generally believed among different sections and groups of the society that legal education is only for the law students, lawyers etc. But have you ever thought that how important role can basic legal education plays in our daily life. It is very necessary for every person to have certain knowledge of Law, otherwise it would become very difficult for him to tackle several problems, from consumer protection to fundamental rights. One of the reasons for popular dissatisfaction with the administration of justice is the uncertainty of law which sometimes results in miscarriage of justice. The multiplicity of interpretations, the inadequacies of legislative drafting, ambiguities in policies and the variety of languages in which transactions are made add to the confusion and make repeated litigation inevitable. This book “Law for the Common Man” will be of immense help for layman to understand the legal issues in simple and effective manner. This book will be of immense help to make people aware about their rights and duties.

Law For The Common Man

SKU: 9789382652748
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    • 326pp
    • Paperback
    • Sep-20

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