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This book is dedicated to the Mumbaikars, whose voices of protests have shaken the conscience of the power elites in New Delhi. We hope and pray that they display a similar resolve as the citizen of Mumbai for a terror free Mumbai and India. Multiple terror attacks struck Mumbai, India’s financial capital on the night of 26 November. A shocked nation was paralysed by a series of simultaneous assaults in South Mumbai, traditional hub of the metropolis at a time when revellers were out on the streets and the common man was preparing to go to bed. Many realized that Mumbai had been struck only when they got up in the wee hours of 27 November to learn that schools and offices were closed for the day. These attacks in the heart of Mumbai in the proximity of the Gateway of India were seen by the nation as an assault on Indian sovereignty much in the same vein of the parliamentary strike in December 2001. The book covers the events that shook Mumbai and the nation for over 60 hours, the terror groups possibly involved, the diplomatic power play with the help of the world and the possible way ahead for the counter terror response at the national level.

Mumbai 26/11: Security Imperatives for the Future

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    • 222pp
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    • Jan-20