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The present book is based on field study of Nepal-India open border arrangement and conduct of such unique and free border existing between the two countries since the signing of Sugauli Treaty in 1815-16. Its openness poses both challenges and opportunities for disturbing as well as making bilateral relations smooth and friendly. How such close relations which are incomparable to others have been managed and how the newer problems that arise with the pace of time and situation are being addressed are also the theme of study. The findings of study are no less significant as Nepal and India have developed mechanisms to deal with the day-to-day problems making significant improvements for streamlining the border. Yet, two types of problems have given rise to occasional controversy: infringement of border and humanitarian problems caused by the erosion of borderland and occupation of no-man's land by both Indian and Nepalis. The use and misuse of open border by elements indulged in illegal trade, criminal activities of all nature, have also made border management more complex. The concluding section of the book deals with the corrective measures for making open border more smooth, efficient and credible.

Nepal - India Open Borders : Problems and Prospects

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