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The issue of nationalism and anti-nationalism has always been the subject of intense debate. To deride own country and culture has become the hallmark of India’s intelligentsia. Why does India breed so many traitors? Is treachery a part of our DNA? An attempt has also been made to analyse reasons for our disunity, caste-ridden elections and degradation of the national institutions. Pakistan was born on anti-India plank and shedding of anti-India posture would amount to questioning the very logic of its creation. After tracing its saga of treachery, the book recommends that balkanization is the only cure for cancer-afflicted Pakistan. Advocates of cultural and cricketing ties with Pakistan are belittling the sacrifices of those battling militancy. It asserts that demilitarisation of Siachen is a seditious proposition. The book exposes the true agenda of unscrupulous pseudo-intelligentsia that resorts to highly slanderous campaigns to spawn dissensions and tarnish the image of the country. Finally, the book exposes the Non-Functional Upgradation to be a bureaucratic scam of gargantuan proportions.

Of Matters Military : Nationalism and the Enemy Within

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  • Major General Mrinal Suman, AVSM, VSM, PhD is a highly qualified and experienced officer. He commanded an Engineer Regiment in the most hostile battlefield in the world ie the Siachen Glacier. He was the Task Force Commander at Pokharan and was responsible for designing and sinking the shaft for the nuclear tests. For that, he was duly decorated by the President of India. 
    He is considered to be India’s foremost expert on myriad aspects of India’s defence procurement regime and offsets. He is regularly invited to address various Indian chambers, associations and foreign industrial delegations. He is a prolific writer and has published more than 550 papers in different journals and newspapers; many have been translated into foreign languages. A keen observer of national concerns, his views command immense respect. 
    This is General Suman’s fourth book. His first book “Of Matters Military: Evolving Challenges” deals with disparate issues confronting the Indian armed forces. The second book “Of Matters Military: Modernisation Travails” analyses reasons for the tardy procurement process. The third book “Of Matters Military: Indian Defence Deals: Need for Transparency and Probity” examines the controversies afflicting major defence contracts concluded in the recent past. 

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