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The book is a collection of essays that reflect on significant events that have recently taken place in the Middle-East, South and South East Asia. The essays were meant to analyse contemporary events that had the potential to influence the course of events not only into the immediate but also in the mid-term future of the nation involved. They also were considered to have implications for diplomatic relations between nations and the stability of the region. Some of the essays also analyse the broader impact the on-going events have on the wider international community. Since Asia has gradually moved into the epicentre of global activities, the events discussed in these essays could also be considered the starting point for what could grow to be historically important episodes. Asia will continue to be the focus for the world, since the global socio-economic and geo-political environment will be directly influenced by the activities that go on in this large and diverse continent.

Political Musings - Asia in the Spotlight

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    • Apr-20

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