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The unceremonious and gruff announcement of President Joe Biden to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, once again authenticated reservations of Afghan politicians and military generals that the United States has embraced the culture of breaking faith with friends and allies. The US leadership has never been a true friend of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. It has committed numerous war crimes in Asia and African, while its antagonism against Islam is not a new thing. In the 1990s, after the dissolution of the Union of Soviet, Pentagon and CIA left Afghanistan in trouble, which prompted civil war and the collapse of Afghan state in 1992. This unethical and untraditional dealing with allies has made dubious credibility of the CIA and Pentagon in the eyes of Russia, Muslim World and China.

The US and NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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  • Musa Khan Jalalzai is a journalist and research scholar. He has written extensively on Afghanistan, terrorism, nuclear and biological
    terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intelligence research and analysis. He was an Executive Editor of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan from 2005-2011, and a permanent contributor in Pakistan’s daily The Post, Daily Times, and The Nation, Weekly the Nation, (London). However, in 2004, US Library of Congress in its report for South Asia mentioned him as the biggest and prolific writer. He received Masters in English literature, Diploma in Geospatial Intelligence, University of Maryland, Washington DC, certificate in Surveillance Law from the University of Stanford, USA, and diploma in Counterterrorism from Pennsylvania State University, California, the United States.