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A Free Thinker on God and Religion is not a religious book. It is a free thinker’s refreshing foray into the field of metaphysics. The book offers contrarian insight into the idea of God and the intriguing stranglehold religion has wielded over the minds and lives of humans. It offers comparisons with the natural world and a contemplation of nature in its entirety. It makes the reader question conventional, received wisdom.

The views are thought provoking and original. The author offers his perspective on God, heaven, hell, soul and religion in separate but interlinked chapters. Implicit within the contents are the issues of spirituality, life, death, afterlife and rebirth. The book briefly describes the five major religions of the world, highlighting their outstanding and also the not so flattering features. Pointing out the fact that most religions are a mix of the light and the dark, it asks the reader to ponder over inherent contradictions and embrace the good and the sublime.

The book ends with the chapter ‘Poetic License’, urging the readers to draw their conclusions.

A Free Thinker On God and Religion

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  • Brigadier Darshan Khullar was born in Bassi Pathanan, Punjab in 1941 and educated at Rashtriya Indian Military College (formerly The Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College), Dehradun. A soldier mountaineer and author, he has led nine successful expeditions to Himalaya peaks, the most notable being the Indian Everest Expedition in 1984 when the First Indian woman (Bachendri Pal) reached the summit.

    He is the recipient of Padma Shri and Arjuna Awards and Ati Vishist Sewa Medal (AVSM). He has authored several books on mountaineering, political science, and military history.

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