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The book ‘Assassin’s Mace, a Chinese Game Changer’ is an intriguing and captivating analysis of China’s ancient strategy that advocates use of ‘surprise weapons’ by an inferior (person or force) to defeat a superior adversary and adaptation of this strategy by modern China as she takes strides towards enhancing her position in global order. The long term goal for China is to avenge its historical suppression and make the Middle Kingdom the numero uno nation of the world. International relationship, economic development and security issues are being orchestrated with finesse to attain the objective. The author has examined China’s attempt to focus her efforts to meet her goal. After an objective assessment of China’s international relationship and security concerns and likely future actions, the author brings focus of the reader to the evolution of Assassin’s Mace weapons. The book attempts to trace the trajectory in the evolution of combat disruptive technologies and unveils scenarios in which Assassin’s Mace may be employed in future high technology environment.

Assassin's Mace - A Chinese Game Changer

SKU: 9789384464684
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    • 124pp
    • Hardbound
    • Sep-20

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