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This book should prove to be unique in many ways. Written in two parts, Part I is a comprehensive survey of Canada – its history, geography, the people, the political and economic aspects, arts and culture including the film industry and a bird’s eye view of the entire country, including possibly for the first time, of Canada North, the vast area covering the Arctic region of the country. Having served as India’s High Commissioner to Canada (1992-97) for nearly five years, the author’s coverage of the Canadian scene shows the distinct advantage of his personal experiences, observations and impressions resulting from his travels all over Canada, quite literally, and his extensive interactions with people from all walks of life. Against this background, the author, then in Part II, delves into India-Canada relations, their high and low points and the reasons thereof. The book also brings out how both countries finally realized that despite their honest differences of opinion, at least on certain aspects, born of their very different circumstances, the scope for friendly cooperation to mutual advantage was enormous and, therefore, deserved to be the overriding consideration. Also, this aspect needed constant focus and nurturing. Once on this path, in recent years, the two countries seem to have re-discovered each other to become active partners in progress. The book is up to date including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official bilateral visit to Canada in mid-April 2015 and its highly successful outcome. This unique volume breaks fresh ground in many ways, including its analytical coverage of the huge and influential Indian Diaspora in Canada. This work should be of immense interest and value to the general readers as well as the serious students and scholars pursuing the study of Canada and its relations with India.

Canada-India: Partners in Progress

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