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Pakistani Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid in his recent interview with a local journalist (Quran orders to become terrorists: Maulana Abdul Aziz, SAMVADA-25 August 2021) communicated that the Holy Quran has ordained Muslims to become terrorists against enemies of Allah. His interview generated a new perception that now Pakistan wants to justify terrorism and jihad from the Holy Quran against non-Muslim states in Europe and Asia. His knowledge about the Holy Quran and Allah Almighty is shameful and deplorable but silence of all so called Muftis, religious scholars and political parties on his humiliation of the Holy Quran is underwhelming). In his Tweet, Vivek Sinha raised the question of Pakistani Mullahs silence on Maulana Abdul Aziz remarks: “Maulana Abdul Aziz of Pakistan’s Lal Masjid says clearly that Quran orders Muslims to become Terrorists. Is this is not Pakistani state-sponsored terrorism? He generated controversies about Allah Almighty and the Holy Quran, and clearly barricaded his stance on jihad against non-Muslim states. The Holy Quran never instructed or directed Muslims to become terrorists against the enemies of Allah Almighty. The Quran says: “When it is said to them: “Make no mischief on the earth,” They say: “Why we only want to make peace. Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize (it) not”. Al Baqara, 2:11). ”. On 19 September, 2021, a case was registered against Maulana Abdul Aziz in Islamabad for threatening policemen who came to remove Afghan Taliban’s flags hoisted at Jamia Hafsa, a seminary run by the cleric’s wife. Thus, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policy of appeasing radicals backfired while Lal Masjid Madrassa now openly inculcating young girls in the manner of beheading.

China’s New Engagement with Taliban and the Wakhan Corridor

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