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India lies in the centre of the Indian Ocean, which is the third largest water body in the world. India is surrounded by an “area of instability”, primarily due to the economic disparity and process of evolution of most of the smaller nations. Today, over 70 percent of China’s oil imports come from the Gulf region. With the increasing dependence on import of oil from the Gulf, India has a definite advantage over China since China faces the “Malacca predicament” and turbulent South China Sea for energy dependence and protection of the Sea Lanes of Communications (SLOCs). China’s growing transformation has regional and global ramifications, which will tilt the regional balance of power in Asia. This will lead to a clash of interests between India and China in the IOR which in the long term may manifest into a military confrontation. This book covers the India-China maritime security policy & its implications on regional and global security environment. The book is aimed to bring out the recent change in China’s military strategy and the increasing importance being given to power projection. An attempt is made by the author to understand the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean and shortlist India’s maritime interests. The book also focuses on the methodology adopted by the Chinese in the strategic encirclement of India.

China's Role in the Indian Ocean - Its Implications on India's National Security

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  • Colonel (Dr) Saji Abraham is a serving Indian Army Officer and PhD from University of Pune, India. His academic qualifications include MSc (Defence Studies), MBA (HRM) from TGOU, MSc (Tech), MPhil & PhD from Pune University. He has written varied articles to include, "Employment of Tactical Cruise Missiles" BRAHMOS, Maritime Strategy, Cyber Terrorism, NBC Command and Control etc.