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Terrorism is a convenient label, which a colonial power may choose to give a liberation movement for acts of violence directed against the power. Terrorism as a social phenomenon has a knack of spawning in different social contexts with its forms, manifestations, incidence and timing varying over time. Although there is no dearth of literature in the field of terrorism where volumes of books have been written on each topic, however, an attempt has been made in the present book to analyze various strategies and initiatives to curb the menace both at national as well as international level. “Cross Border Terrorism in India: A Study With Reference to International Regime” is a book which is structured into six parts. This book is an attempt to provide a forum for discussion and debate on all kinds of legal and social issues in respect to border management that confront us today. This will helps the readers to review the various manifestations of the term 'Terrorism' both at international and national level, new dimensions of terrorism in respect to cross border terrorism, how terrorism is posing a challenge to internal security of the nations.

Cross Border Terrorism in India - A Study With Reference to International Regime

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