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The Book “IDF- Israel Defence Forces: Ground Force, Operations, Units and Command & Control” is a unique English-language contribution that informs about Israel’s “People’s Army”, with a focus on ground forces operations.

There is little knowledge about this in general, but the Muslim world in particular is unaware of the activities of the Israeli Army because the IDF is often perceived through a media lens, which can portray a negative image as a matter of editorial policy. Israel is not a “banana state” but a member of the United Nations and accountable to the international community in line with any other recognized country.

There is a lot of information available about the IDF in Hebrew only and Western researchers, including me, are not fluent in the language. Therefore, I believe this book will fill an educational and informative thirst of security pundits who would like to research about the ground forces of the Israeli Army. I’m also aiming at critics and haters of the IDF, who have little knowledge of the IDF and start condemning operations without acknowledging the humanitarian work and effort of minimising civilian causalities. This book will no doubt increase their information and knowledge about the IDF, if they wish to learn and read unbiased research.

IDF: Israeli Defence Forces-Ground Forces, Operations, Units & Command & Control

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