A popular myth maintains that Indo-EU relations are best viewed through the British prism. This disregards the historical evidence of Alexander’s march to India and the Roman Empire’s trade with India. In more recent times cultural icons like Satyajit Ray have been celebrated more in Paris than elsewhere. India’s trade with EU, especially in defence items, is anchored to a greater extent in the continent rather than across the channel. Brexit is now going to take away that British prism. A fresh, and in many ways a profound new Indo-EU relationship is about to emerge. Bhaswati Mukherjee’s book “India and EU: An Insider’s View” is timely. It traces the past, explains the present state of relationship in all its complexity and looks into the crystal ball. This is an objective assessment by a highly regarded professional of the successes as also the wrinkles of the past in the relationship as well as the practical steps for a more vigorous Indo-EU future. Written with great fluency “India and EU-An Insider’s view” fascinates with its vignettes, making it a unique and must read book.

India and EU : An Insider's View

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