Space capabilities are becoming absolutely essential for national development, economic well-being, commerce, and daily life, besides becoming a crucial component of successful military operations. Space has emerged as an essential component in furthering a nation’s Comprehensive National Power. China’s progress in space technologies, whether in relative or absolute terms, has larger implications for India. As China’s space program increases in capability, it can be expected to wield this power to increase regional dominance and deter countries from pursuing policies that are contrary to Chinese interests. Space the ultimate “High Ground” will play crucial role in all future conflicts. Space force enhancement operations multiply joint effectiveness by increasing the combat potential, operational awareness, and providing needed joint force support. This book brings out the key features of China’s Space Program, its future trajectory and how it can impact India’s national interest. It further suggests options for India in the given circumstance and how India can secure its geo-political, economic interest and security concerns without getting into space race with China.

India China Space Capabilities : A Comparison

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