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The Territorial Army is part of the regular Army and its current role is to relieve the regular army from static duties and assist the civil administration in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situations where life of the communities is affected or the security of the country is threatened. 
Until 2018 only medically fit male candidates aged 18 to 42 years and gainfully employed were allowed to join the Territorial Army in India. However, women were not allowed to join the Territorial Army which amounted to violation of the Fundamental Rights of women under the Indian Constitution. 
This Book deals with the efforts of Kush Kalra who raised the issue of non-entry of women in the Territorial Army of India after which Hon’ble Delhi High Court allowed their entry in the year 2018.

Indian Territorial Army and Women

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  • Mr. Kush Kalra is a writer and a lawyer having written more than 30 books on law due to which his name appears in Limca Book of records for writing most books on law published in a year. He has published his books with reputed publishers like Thomson reuters, Bloomsbury etc. and all are available on online platforms. He has also been the recipient of National Youth Award by Government of India and Duke of Edinburgh award, Gold Standard (Queen award). Due to his efforts women have been allowed entry in Territorial Army in India after 70 years of Independence by Delhi High Court in 2018.  
    Due to his recent efforts posters outside the Covid Patients home revealing their privacy have been removed by the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble Delhi High Court. 

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