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This book is unique in the way that it looks at the much talked about maritime security through the perspective of national security, without disconnect, in the terrain specific mode of the ocean. The uniqueness is not in the treatment of the concept of maritime security but that of national security in a manner that is different from the beaten notion of physical security of a nation and its people from external and internal threats. National security, according to the author, is more than just military security or the conditions of what is often termed as internal security. It is complex according to his studied findings. The book provides a warning to governments that any approach to national governance without integrated maritime security can be defeating in the overall objective of maximising national security even for landlocked countries in the modern world. The book provides a comprehensive review and analysis of integrated maritime security providing ample scope for further research on many of the concepts and terminologies inculcated as findings of research. The interesting aspect is that the author views maritime security as a ghost protocol to hammer his ideas into the earnest listener.

Integrated Maritime Security- Governing The Ghost Protocol

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    • 472pp
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    • Jun-20