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In general a Layman/Common Man has a thinking that it will be his bad luck if ever he has to visit police station or Court, but sometimes for the sake of Peace, Law & Order or for completion of some matters he has to visit these places. Also sometimes the Layman is involved in violation of Traffic Rules or his name is falsely put in a case. Even this is also true that not every person has knowledge about Law, this is the reason why sometimes his name is falsely put in a case. In these circumstances person develops thinking that every door is closed for him. The book “Law 4 Layman” will be of immense help to make people aware about there rights. This book will be helpful for Layman in his day to day life.

Law 4 Layman

SKU: 9789382652328
₹850.00 Regular Price
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    • 312pp
    • Hardbound
    • May-20

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