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Inner conflicts if not addressed and removed puts pressures on the physical and mental faculties, and the outcome would be in terms of frustrations and depression. Inner conflict depression in professional life is said to be silent killer and it exhausts the person and makes the person irrational, it is a big concern and one has to find ways out to get out of the pressure and stress. When it comes to taking personal, vocational and professional decisions, there are tendencies of indecisiveness and uncertainty as the inner conflict put a person in retrogressive mode. This becomes a bottle neck in the professional life. Inner conflict basically is the outcome ego of ‘I and Me’, contrast of ‘Me with Others, fixed notion s and perceived perception, in this context the degree depends on influence of psychological ‘Self’ (Mind) over the true or conscious ‘Self’ (Heart). This book addresses the issues of causes and grounds, understanding of the ‘Self’, taking the call to resolve and workout the ways out of inner conflict in professional life. In the cause the issues of syndrome of ‘ I’ and ‘Me and Others’ which is one of the main cause of manifestation of inner conflict in professional life and facets of personal qualifications, professional attributes and their influences has been analysed to make understand and recognise the inner conflicts. What is important in ways out is to understand the ‘Real Me’ thus understanding the importance of the self- introspection, self- realisation and self-evaluation as a part of the professional life has been emphasised, and dealt in detail in analysing the way forward in combating inner conflict. The book is based on observation of human behavioural attributes, way one reacts to various situation and the mentality with which individuals participates in the professional field and how inner conflict gets manifested within the inner self. The book has been written in simple and lucid manner, inner conflict issues have been highlighted with actual narratives and human behaviours to make reading the book interesting.

Managing Inner Conflicts : In Professional Life

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