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This book focuses on various aspects of maritime security of India. Starting with the changing dimensions of national security, it addresses the issues such as non-traditional threats to security, the threat posed by non state actors, the causes of insecurity and also the imperatives of tackling the human security challenges. The need for a comprehensive change in India's security policy is well exposed and certain policy prescriptions are also given. The oceans are generally meant for better inaction among nations, especially in the era of accelerated pace of globalization. With regard to the coastal security of India the role of coastal community is significant. The needs for inculcating awareness among the coastal community on coastal security matters as well as infrastructure development along the coastal area are also emphasized. It is very important to look into the basic problems of coastal people as they face many human security challenges. When we look into the coastal security a convergence of the national security concerns and human security concerns is visible. The overall development of the coastal area would lead to better human security and better human security would result in enlisting the support of the coastal community to ensure national security programme, especially the coastal security. In short, coastal security is not only about protecting the coastal terrain and territorial waters from direct attacks by the state actors or non state actors, but also safeguarding the interests of all stake holders.

Maritime Security of India- The Coastal Security Challenges and Policy Options

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