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The media have a special relationship with conflict situations, external or internal which has been an integral part of the history of a country as well as the world. Northeast India has been beset with insurgencies for more than half-a-century. The Nagas rebelled in the early 1950s and since then insurgency in some form or the other has spread to all the states of the northeast, popularly known as seven sisters. While insurgency in the northeast India is taking a toll of the law and order, peace, stability, progress and foreign relations; it is also causing irreparable harm to the press, the developments and the decision making process in administration. So, should it be the media’s mission to promote peace, democracy and growth in this region? This edited volume contains ten essays written by prominent media persons with first-hand experience of reporting on conflicts in northeast India. It provides the broad range of factors including the manner in which media operates and their relationship to the various ethnic conflicts in the region. This book is perhaps the first of its kind which explored many possibilities how to restore peace and public’s confidence in the region by engaging media as facilitator in the process.

Media, Conflict and Peace in Northeast India

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