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In South Asia, every state has applied its own classified security measures for nuclear weapons security. In Pakistan, a nuclear weapons security regime involves human, physical and technical means. However, there is a general perception that, notwithstanding these technical measures, there is a danger that nuclear materials may possibly get into the hands of terrorist organisations. The future of illicit trade of nuclear materials in South Asia by non-state actors and terrorists may further jeopardise the security of the region. South Asian states are facing the threat of terrorism and violent extremism. The unending civil war in Afghanistan and Pakistan has destabilised the whole region. These are some of the issues deliberated in the book by eminent scholars.

Nuclear Madness in South Asia

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  • Musa Khan Jalalzai is a journalist and research scholar. He has written extensively on Afghanistan, terrorism, nuclear and biological terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intelligence research and analysis. He was an Executive Editor of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan from 2005-2011, and a permanent contributor in Pakistan's daily The Post, Daily Times, and The Nation, Weekly the Nation, (London). However, in 2004, US Library of Congress in its report for South Asia mentioned him as the biggest and prolific writer. He received Masters in English literature, Diploma in Geospatial Intelligence, University of Maryland, Washington DC, certificate in Surveillance Law from the University of Stanford, USA, and diploma in Counter terrorism from Pennsylvania State University, California, the United States.

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