The designated role of an engineer regiment is to further the commander’s plans by providing mobility to own forces by constructing bridges, tracks, helipads and breaching minefields; while denying the same to the enemy by creating obstacles such as laying mine-fields and demolition of bridges. However, the ground situation is entirely different. Engineer regiments are regularly called upon to undertake tasks that can only be termed as unusual.

113 Engineer Regiment was raised in Nagaland on 01 Apr 1967. In addition to taking part in counter-insurgency operations and Indo-Pak War 1971, the regiment has earned laurels in a multitude of aid to civil authority tasks. However, what sets this regiment apart are two unique achievements – sinking two deep shafts in Pokhran that facilitated India’s entry into the exclusive thermo-nuclear club and provision of combat engineering support to operations in Siachen glacier with innovative expedients. 

This book is a chronicle of the indomitable spirit, tenacity and ingenuity of the one and only 113 Engineer Regiment.

Of Matters Military - Pokhran to Siachen

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  • Major General Mrinal Suman, AVSM, VSM, PhD is a highly qualified and experienced officer. He commanded an Engineer Regiment in the most hostile battlefield in the world, i.e. the Siachen Glacier. He was the Task Force Commander at Pokharan and was responsible for designing and sinking the shaft for the nuclear tests. For that, he was duly decorated by the President of India. 
    He is considered to be India’s foremost expert on myriad aspects of India’s defence procurement regime and offsets. He is regularly invited to address various Indian chambers, associations and foreign industrial delegations. He is a prolific writer and has published more than 550 papers in different journals and newspapers; many have been translated into foreign languages. His views command immense respect. 
    This is General Suman’s sixth book. His earlier books deal with issues confronting the Indian armed forces; reasons for the tardy procurement process; controversies afflicting major defence contracts concluded in the recent past; reasons for growing anti-nationalism and dissentions in India; and his years in the olive green.