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This book is a collection of 14 essays written through the year 2015 and reflect the events that have influenced the Middle-East and South Asia during the period. The sub-title, ‘Turmoil in the Middle-East’, indicates that a majority of the essays are focused on that region, although two essays examine troublesome incidents that took place in Bangladesh and Pakistan. A number of the essays were also published in the Eurasia Review, where they received critical acclaim and generated some debate and discussion. The primary objective of the essays has been to analyse contemporary events and to delineate the influence that they would have on the nations of the region and also on the international community. In today’s interconnected world, it is not possible for any single nation to remain isolated and unaffected by the major events in another part of the world. The analysis of the events that took place in the Middle-East demonstrates this truism like no other.

Political Musings - Turmoil in the Middle East

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