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Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid Islamabad Pakistan, in his recent interview with a local journalist communicated that Quran allowed Muslims to become terrorists against the enemies of Allah, or infidels (Jews, Christians, and Hindu). His knowledge about the Holy Quran and Allah Almighty is shameful and deplorable. He generated controversies about Allah Almighty and the Holy Quran and remarked sacrilegiously about Allah. Pakistani corrupt Mullahs needed to reject his wrong interpretation of the Holy Quran, but never responded to his rumbling. The Holy Quran never ordered or directed Muslims to become terrorists against the enemy of Allah (Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, and Buddhists). The concept of suicide attacks, or dying in order to kill in the name of religion becomes supreme ideal of Taliban and Pakistani Mullahs. After the US invasion of Afghanistan, Taliban resorted to suicide terrorism to force the United States and its NATO allies to withdraw their forces from the country, and restore Emirate Islami. Taliban and the IS-K became dominant forces in suicide terrorism to internationalise and justify it. Modern suicide terrorism emerged in Afghanistan after 9/11, but it was introduced in different shapes. Over the past two decades, the tactic of suicide terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been modified and justified by religious clerics. The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban generated a new terror threat in South and Central Asia. The Taliban’s close relationship with several Pakistani terror groups and its inability to govern the whole country may turn Afghanistan into a nest of terror militias. In Afghanistan, close cooperation between Daesh and some disgruntled Taliban groups added to the pain of the Taliban Government.

Proxy Militias: The Taliban, Daesh, Pakistani and Central Asian Terrorist Organi

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