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War is often prosecuted in conjunction with other services, as also with para-military forces. Indian Army is also involved in safeguarding disputed borders along mountainous and high altitude terrain. Such deployment often leads to clashes arising out of political decisions and military compulsions. India is also facing two nuclear nations; one of them operates below the thresh-hold, yet there can be nuclear weapons use. The Army is also employed in aid to civil authority, natural calamities and disaster management. The human role will continue to predominate, as such, identifying ingredients that constitute a soldier’s potential becomes necessary. 
The study of Psychology for the Soldiers seems not adequately carried out, at least on the surface, for selection, training, allotment of trades; and eventually for leadership, tactics, strategy and operational employment. 
This book aims at initiating more study and research on the subject. 

Psychology for Soldiers

  • Brigadier VP Malhotra (Retd) is the author of books - Security and Defence Related Treaties of India; Tibetan Conundrum; Encyclopaedia of Indian Army (9 volumes); Pakistan-Threat Unique; and Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in South Asia and India. He also writes for a number of magazines.