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Reminiscences of two Gunner Aviators of the Indian Army and the narration of their Trysts with Courage in their lifelong Army careers. Daring men in uniform work in the most harsh and challenging conditions in remote areas where they learn to survive and perform their duties with utmost sincerity and dedication. As a group, the team spirit and bonhomie that they have, is enviable. For their comrades, they are prepared to risk their own lives, even when bullets are flying around. Most of these dedicated men consider their units/ Organisations as their first love, which is clearly discernible from their memoirs. Each of these men have umpteen stories to narrate about their life spent in uniform. This book is an attempt to present a bouquet of those tales, which make their lives so different, as they have the knack to see and do things differently and at times, in a most unpredictable manner. Some light-hearted articles have been sprinkled to make it a balanced an enjoyable reading. Life in the Armed Forces is a risky affair, therefore, why not live up life to its fullest. Some of these stories are told down the generations and form interesting tales to narrate to a captive audience in a bar or Unit get-togethers. For soldiers, it is their personal treasure of memories.

Revelations of Honour : Trysts with Courage

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    • 190pp
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    • Aug-20

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