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The Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran is a watershed in the history of Iran where Islam had played a dominant role in restructuring and reshaping society as a whole. The fusion of religion with politics and working as ideology is unique in the history of Islam. The structural nature and functional scope of the three branches of the government has been changed along Islamic lines since the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Islam’s penetration is so extensive that its manifestation has come up in the form of the institutionalized role of Islam. In the aftermath of the revolution, a new constitution was enacted which declared Twelver Shiism as state religion. Islam has profound impact on social, political and economic system of Iran. Iranian economy has also been restructured along Islamic line. Its influence is deep and far-reaching in the economic system of Iran. The author, in this book has analysed the role of Islam in the Transformation of Social, Political and Economic structure of Iran post Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Social and Political Transformation in Iran Since 1979 - The Role of Islam

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