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This book is an attempt to analyse the political, security and terrorism trends in South Asia and propose prognostications in the short term. It is third in the series of such trend analysis on the region based on the building blocks of reviews in 2006 and 2007 and has the backing of legacy. Each chapter of the book covers the countries of the region including China arranged in alphabetical order with India in the end with its many segments, such as terrorism law and order, Naxalism, Kashmir and North East separately. The trends are based on a prognosis of scenarios based on trajectory of events in the past and structural biases of each state including Impact of regional and global influences both benevolent and malign. While the technique may not be perfect, it is simple and hopefully accurate enough to provide the pitfalls in the Years ahead.

South Asia- Political, Security and Terrorism Trends

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    • 418pp
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    • Jun-08
  • India

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