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India is among the few countries with home made satellites in orbit. Indian Space programme while being impressive with arrays of achievements in peaceful use of the space has woefully lacked in dedicated military applications. Admittedly cartographic platforms in the orbit can be used by the military to meet their cartographic needs but, they fall short of the 10-15cm (4”-6”) capabilities of the best military satellites today. In “Space Security from the Indian Perspective”, the author examines the dimension of the space threat emanating from our adversaries and need to develop our own military capability in the space .He argues that reliance of space is not exclusive to defence alone in fact the dependence of civil sector is more critical. In defence, we need not only to develop affordable options but also take steps to safeguard our space assets to ensure their continued use. This book examines the ramification of the military space capability and the choices available to India to safeguard its space assets which would interest both the generalists and the specialists.

Space Security: Indian Perspective

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