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Organizations need self-motivated persons for ‘excellence’. ‘Excellence’ oozes-out of processes - that run regularly through psychic & pulse channels of organizational ‘family-members’. Spouse Management- through scriptures shows the way. Fragmentation initiated by one single’s association with ‘other’ making unity escape lets humanity realize ‘life is n’t like that’. Researches in some developed countries reveal incremental rises in population increases in  ‘divorce-rate’ up by 500 per cent  ‘unmarried-women’s pregnancy’ 6 times  average male’s sexual-relationship within a decade rising 8.6 to 12.7  every ‘male’ citizen’s average of 13 sexual-partners remaining static for 40 years . Cash-strapped girl-students sleeping with 1-7 clients ‘a night’  over a million people committing suicide every year  a woman battered every 15 seconds  7,00,000 raped each year  35% beaten . a 41% population increase ensuing  560% ‘violent-crimes’  419% ‘illegitimate-births’  400% ‘divorce-rates’  300% more children in single-parent-homes’  200% ‘teenage-suicides’  after 9 years of international community’s efforts  af-pak instability/turbulence increasing  U.S. led coalition’s felt-compulsion to withdraw  leaving the espoused in disgust  premature withdrawal from own to move on to other’s spouse heavenly-planet drawing  ‘terror’  destabilizing pak-democracy further  turning Yahya Khans eastward  repeating 1971  1st use inviting indian vehemence / doomsday . Author’s losing a brother each to indian ‘partition’ / panjab ‘insurgency’ turned him to ‘scriptures’ for solutions . Lord-guru’s exhortations, mother’s nurturing & 14 years’ long labour-pains of author couple deliver this yet another indian baby / book to serve individuals & organizations on mother earth to reclaim / rejoice espousing through scriptures as a dimension of work-culture, satisfy own fragments’ intimate-needs, sowing seeds for abiding universal peace and solidarity through love and self-experience heavens on earth itself .

Spouse Management through Scriptures

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    • 496pp
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    • Jul-20

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