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The Fight against Mass Surveillance, Intelligence War and Security Sector Reforms in Britain and the European Union



The last decade experienced a new Mass Surveillance in Europe and the United Kingdom. Facial Recognition Technology in several EU member states including Britain, deeply overblown normal lives of citizens. All spying plans failed to get incontrovertible results. Over the past 20 years, growing national security controversies mostly revolved around the failure of intelligence cooperation among the EU member states, which resulted in mistrust and emergence of major extremist organizations that threatened national security of the region. The United Kingdom left European Union on 31 January 2020, but faced more trouble to deal with the member states hostile policy. In yesteryears, some intelligence reforms were introduced in France, Germany, Britain, Poland and Romania, but bogged-down and embroiled in a complex struggle to confront former Communist intelligence infrastructures and bring intelligence under democratic control. The introduction of Mass Surveillance programs of British and European intelligence services prompted anxiety and fear of warrantless information collection. The backbone of the British intelligence surveillance is “TEMPORA” that watches everyone with its changing sights, and collects every piece of intelligence information with care. This surveillance system has many eyes and ears that lesson to every social and political conversation across the country. This important book discusses national security and intelligence surveillance mechanism in Britain and the European Union Member states. The Book also spotlights elements of centralization of power in Britain and the EU.

Stop Spying on Us

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  • Musa Khan Jalalzai is a journalist and research scholar. He has written extensively on Afghanistan, terrorism, nuclear and biological terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and intelligence research and analysis. He was an Executive Editor of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan from 2005-2011, and a permanent contributor in Pakistan's daily The Post, Daily Times, and The Nation, Weekly the Nation, (London). However, in 2004, US Library of Congress in its report for South Asia mentioned him as the biggest and prolific writer. He received Masters in English literature, Diploma in Geospatial Intelligence, University of Maryland, Washington DC, certificate in Surveillance Law from the University of Stanford, USA, and diploma in Counter terrorism from Pennsylvania State University, California, the United States.

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