The Book “Terra Nullius” is a struggle of an author between religions, cultures and ideologies. This book is written especially for the Muslim community of the South Asia because they know less about the historical conflict of Israel Palestine identity and land owning. The world media always broadcasts one sided story whenever the conflict arises between both nations. The history of Israel is thousands of years old and belongs to the land that is now called Israel. The modern Israel was founded in 1948 by the newly formed United Nation with the approval of majority members of the council. Till today, 163 of the 193 UN member states officially recognise the state of Israel as an only country of the Jewish people. The Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi and United Arab Emirates have normalised the relations with Israel. In this case, the Muslim community of the South Asia must realise the facts behind the conflict which are merely political not religious.

Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace

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