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Air power has been an element of military power for just over a century. However, its ability to project power as part of a nation’s quest for security and protection has now been acknowledged as second to no other element of national power. Air power’s efficacy has been demonstrated time and again in the past few decades. Technology is the fundamental factor around which the development, application and sustainment of air power is built. This fundamental fact will hold true for the future. This book is a look at the possible future developments that could take place in air power. It provides considered perceptions of how air power will be driven forward by technology and examines the possibilities and pitfalls that will come with its inexorable movement forward. The only surety is that air power will continue to be a critical element of national power well into the foreseeable future.

The Cassandra Effect: Future Perceptions on Air Power

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    • 126pp
    • Hardbound
    • Oct-20

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