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Crackdown of cybercriminals can only be effective if criminal investigators collaborate with security expert, financial accountants and mobile service providers. This book provides insight on cybercrime, identity theft and identity fraud, exposing the modus operandi, analyzing theories such the triangular theory of crimes and the constructive theory. There exist several Challenges; at the level of intelligence sharing, cooperation with the international criminal police and social networking sites censorship (double biometric identification or digital fraud (signature)) which is cross-examined with the 5 stages of cybercrime and three stage model of cyber criminality. The book equally describes prostitute involvement in white collar crimes and other offenses illicit drug trafficking, and harassment. The piece finally concludes with contemporary trends of post 9/11; of cyber terrorism, cyberbullying and radicalization in Europe, Middle East and part of Africa. This transnational order is explained by the new cyber terrorism theory, a necessity for modern warfare.

The Criminal Mind in the Age of Globalization

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  • Mr. Saron Messembe Obia is a security experts and consultant with focus on cyber security, counter terrorism and jihadist tendencies. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology and Security Management, and Master of Science degree in Security Studies from Pan African Institute for Development - West Africa (PAID-WA). He is a Member and Ambassador FOR African Continent of Global Socio-Economic And Financial Evolution Network-GSFEN, Counter Terrorism Analyst for the Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism-ITCT, UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank and Honorary editor for Crime and More World, Green Park, Kolkata-700078, West Bengal, India. He has also been the Assistant Editor and IACSP SEA Representative for Cameroon Publication Division, International Association for Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals South East Asia-IACSP SEA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Mr. Saron has written many research articles on contemporary issues such as Counter Terrorism, Jihadist Tendencies, Cyber Security, Religious Conflicts and security strategy which have been published in various research think tank and newspapers, as well as presented papers, on invitation, in a numerous of Conferences.