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World is going through a geopolitical churn at a feverish pace. The UN, is loosing its efficacy. Issues like cross border terrorism, religious radicalism, climate change, cyber, bio and space are adding new dimensions to warfare. Because of the advancements in technology, the devastations during conflicts are becoming excessively ruinous. Internal security problems in India are adding new challenges.
Students of strategy need to study the problems of national security to analyse the correlations between the issues to develop a response strategy. For this strategy to become comprehensive, infrastructure build up and increaed indigenous production are prerequisites.
This book, “The Elephant Awakes: A Strategic Reflection” is an outcome of the endeavour of  Team STRIVE to share their analysis of the contemporary strategic issues with the strategic community and stimulate many a mind to look at issues with a new perspective.

The Elephant Awakes: Strategic Reflections – 2023

SKU: 9789395675642
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Format: Hardback
  • Hardback  |  9789395675642   |  344pp

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