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This book is about the individual achievements of a handful of officers of the state and, through their deeds, hardships and sacrifices, an attempt to portray the stirring tale of the rebuilding of the administrative edifice and police system of the state almost from the scratch. Putting the state back on its feet, after the virtual collapse in the early nineties has been no mean feat. It is a saga of blood, sweat and tears; also of constant danger to life and limb, long periods of separation from the families and unceasing worry about their safety and security, of physical activities restricted, hardships endured and of long and endless working hours. The book delves about the men, whether civilians or in the Khaki uniform, who served the state with all that they had and also put at stake their very own survival to bring it back from the brink. It's a narrative of men who displayed 'stubborn tenacity of purpose'. Similarly it is also a tribute to that very core and back bone of the celebrated civil service of India, the district officer.

The Men Who Served Jammu & Kashmir

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    • 256pp
    • Hardbound
    • Dec-20

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