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The source of India's civilization is founded in two epics: Ramayana and Mahabharat. Incidentally, both are based on two cataclysmic wars which were fought to uphold truth and justice where righteousness prevailed over evil. Lakhs perished, as martyrdom on the battlefield was considered the greatest of honours. These ethos and values run in the veins of every Indian. 

The book is a saga of Lt. Col. Ajit V Bhandarkar who lived the life of a hero and died on the battlefield where his blood enriched the soil of his motherland is inspirational.

The Saga of a Braveheart : Lt Col Ajit V Bhandarkar Shaurya Chakra (Ebook)

SKU: 9789390917143
  • Mrs Shakunthala Ajit Bhandarkar has done her Masters in English, B.Ed. and a diploma in Counselling. Apart from this, she has also done a certification from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on ‘Nurturing Creativity and Excellence’ and has recently completed a course on ‘Strategic Leadership for Schools in a Changing Environment’ from IIM Ahmedabad. She has three decades of experience as an educator, mentor and counsellor. Currently, she is working as an Academic Consultant and an Instructional Designer for educational institutions. 
    She has been appreciated and honoured by various institutions like Infosys, BEML, PES University, New Horizon group of Institutions, etc. for her contribution in the field of education and women empowerment. 
    To commemorate the sixtieth birth anniversary of Lt Col Ajit V Bhandarkar, SC and their thirtieth wedding anniversary, Mrs Shakunthala Ajit Bhandarkar took the initiative to write this book which is her maiden effort. 

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