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India is prone to many natural and manmade disasters. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) emergencies occur as a result of occupational exposure, fire, industrial explosions, release of toxicants and wastes. CBRN Terrorism is showing its head in many parts of the world and India is at risk too. High visibility events like large public rallies, major sporting events, religious festivals and cultural extravaganzas are all highly vulnerable to CBRN terror strikes. There is an urgent need to educate and train all concerned stakeholders in CBRN risks and threats and to adopt risk mitigation measures. The book brings forth the author's views on CBRN Incident Management in India, especially regarding CBRN governance, response mechanism, special event and critical infrastructure security, CBRN security culture and use of new technologies for effective CBRN risk mitigation. The book intends to acknowledge and extol our strides in this direction and urge all responsible stakeholders to take note and act on the gaps post haste.

Toxic Portents : CBRN Incident Management in India

SKU: 9789388161824
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    • 252pp
    • Hardbound
    • Aug-20

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