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USI of India in past has taken the lead in providing the platform for organising discourse and research in the field of UN peace operations to put across an Indian perspective on a few most crucial attributes of the current challenges that face reform of the UN peace operations. To this end, USI ( the oldest think tank of India, in collaboration with Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) ( the premium think tank of India’s Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India planned to conduct a series Webinars/Seminars on UN peace operations in 2021. Inaugural webinar on “India and UN Peace Operations: Principles of UN Peacekeeping and Mandate” was held on 27 Feb 2021, followed by “UN Peace Keeping Operations: Hostage taking of UN Peacekeepers” on 29 Jun 2021. This monograph is compilation of the talks delivered by eminent speakers during the webinar on 29 Jun 2021.

UN Peace Operations Part II (Hostage Taking of Peacekeepers)

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  • Editors
    Major General Apurba Kumar Bardalai is a veteran of the Indian Army. He served as a Military Observer in the United Nations Verification Mission in Angola (UNAVEM) in 1991-92 and later as the Deputy Head of the Mission and Deputy Force Commander of United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) from 2008 to 2010.

    Major General PK Goswami, VSM (Retd) is a veteran of the Indian Army. He was Military Observer with United Nations Verification Mission at Angola (UNAVEM) in 1991-92 and Senior Faculty at National Defense College, New Delhi.  Presently he is Deputy Director, The United Service Institution of India, New Delhi.

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