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Peace should be a generic word for the United Nations, European Union and NATO. Rather than chanting on sanctions and propaganda to motivate parties into war, while casualties keep increasing. This book provides the historical ties between Russia and Ukraine, exposes the genesis of the ‘game’, which led to several sanctions on Russia and individuals with suspected links with president Putin. The book also analyzes the breach of Ukrainian intelligence and quick invasion by Russia, using the information warfare theory.

Despite the sanctions and resolutions adopted, the United Nations and other international organizations must advocate for peace, in order to avoid the emergence of new alliances and criminal networks. The conflict in Ukraine must not be normalized. Neither should it be linked to new wave of insecurity; violent extremism, jihadist tendencies, cyber-attacks, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Only peace can lead to sustainable development.

What is Putin Doing? Russia – Ukraine Crisis Sanctions, Peace and Security in th

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  • Mr. Saron Messembe Obia is a counter-terrorism analyst for the Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism-ITCT, a UK based Counter Islamist Terrorism Think Tank. For several years now, he has been involved in-stadia security, as he staffed during the construction of the Olembe Stadium and the CHAN 2020 in Cameroon. A Member and Ambassador for African Continent of Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network-GSFEN. He also worked with the International Association for Counter-Terrorism and Security Professional South East Asia-IACSPSEA, as Assistant Editor and IACSPSEA Representative for Cameroon Publication Division. He studied Criminology and Security Management (PGD) and Security Studies (MSc) at the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa-PAID-WA. He has authored several books: ‘The Criminal Mind In The Age Of Globalization’, ‘Jihadist Tendencies and Global Terrorism on Soft Targets’, and ‘Policing Fraud, Money Laundering And Staff Dishonesty’.

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