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The Disintegration of Empires


This is the third volume in the Indian history series of books with the generic title, From Indus to Independence: A Trek Through Indian History. It takes up the narrative from the decline of Gupta power when the sub-continent was slipping into chaos, although the Vardhana dynasty stemmed the tide for a limited time. 
This volume, ‘The Disintegration of Empires’, examines the dynasties that ruled the Deccan with great aplomb—the Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas. It elaborates the progression of the Pallavas and the Pandyas, Cheras and Cholas, who flourished in the Deep South—the Tamil Country. The book covers the glorious reign of the Chalukyas; the story of the gifted Chola kings and their cultural colonisation of the South-East Asian archipelago; the rivalry between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas that led to the decay of both the dynasties; the glory of the Pandyas; the struggle of the Cheras; and the manifestation of Kautilya’s Mandala Theory. 

From Indus to Independence - A Trek Through Indian History (Vol III)

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  • Dr. Sanu Kainikara is an ex-fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force and currently a practising Military Strategist residing in Canberra, Australia. His PhD in International Politics was awarded by the University of Adelaide in Australia. He is the author of 11 books on national security and strategy, and the employment of military forces with a focus on air power.

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