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  • Kashmir has always been in the midst of geopolitical hullabaloo due to its pending UN Resolution and now the demand of 'Azadi' (Freedom) which became more pronounced after the inception of insurgency in the State in 1987-88. If we look into the issue, in reality, it is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, if the legality reason is applied then there is no doubt that India's stance is most legitimate. The people of Kashmir have invited the 'Jihad' into Indian Kashmir Region and declared 'Azadi' as a war of freedom through the Pakistan sponsored militancy and radicalisation of the society on communal lines by the militant organisations and separatists. In the present environment, the stakeholders are at a tangent and it is mainly because the main stakeholder, the people of Kashmir are uncertain and confused, the total population is not part of the 'Azadi' (freedom) thus there is vagueness and the vision of 'Azadi' (freedom) is very blurred. The other stakeholders are either taking advantage of the people's sentiments or going by their own agenda of self-interest or lack the will to take initiatives to resolve the Kashmir issue which meets their personal ends. In this book, the chapters are based on the stakeholders and their participation in the Kashmir embroil. The basic contents are based on the issues that have made Kashmir an affair of continued existence by various stakeholders, the creation of an environment of stalemate and prevailing status quo without any changes, none of the stakeholders are ready to budge or lose their turf. Written in a simple and lucid manner, the narratives made interesting with historical facts, quotations and factual as prevailing in Kashmir.

Kashmir : An Affair of Continued Existence

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