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Excerpts from the Book
King of the Khyber Rifles is now a major, for you can see that by turning up the army list.
But if you wish to know just what transpired in the room in Jamrud Fort while the general and Courtenay waited, you must ask King--if you dare; for only he knows, and one other. It is not likely you can find the other.
But it is likely that you may hear from both of them again, for “A woman and intrigue are one!” as India says. The war seems long, and the world is large, and the chances for intrigue are almost infinite, given such combination as King and Yasmini and a love affair.
And as King says on occasion: “Kuch dar nahin hai! There is no such thing as fear!” Another one might say, “The roof's the limit!”
And bear in mind, for this is important: King wrote to Yasmini a letter, in Urdu from the mullah's cave, in which he as good as gave her his word of honor to be her “loyal servant” should she choose to return to her allegiance. He is no splitter of hairs, no quibbler. His word is good on the darkest night or wherever he casts a shadow in the sun.
“A man and his promise--a woman and intrigue--are one!”
This book is a Fiction, very nicely penned by the author. This book is a reproduction of an important historical work.

King--of the Khyber Rifles: A Romance of Adventure

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