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Exploring and looking over Nuclear and Biological postures, it is hard and challenging to manifest beyond all confusions and hesitations that the use of these lethal weapons short of central exchange has been desperately contemplated. Governance and administratively protection of Radioactive Materials in the war zone of Ukraine is a highly challenging assignment for the contested governments and the United Nations. This is particularly true for states suchlike Ukraine and Pakistan that experienced conflict, including ethnic and armed civil war, but still in control of large stockpiles of these weapons. With the shaping threat perceptions and Nuclear War Threat, new warfare, with new and Modern Technologies emerged, when Russian started using Modern Military Technology, Hypersonic Missiles and deployed Modern Nuclear Warheads. These new technologies have enabled fighting from increasingly longer distances and have introduced autonomous systems into operational contexts. Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Military Technology, and Nanotechnology of the Russian Army have shaped the war differently. The Digitalization of War in Ukraine introduced new dynamics into the strategic calculus. Cyber Technology and Cyber War became a feature of modern warfare and geopolitical competition. Their asymmetric costs and the ability to obscure their origins have made it difficult to develop timely and proportionate retaliatory measures. The greatest threat to the National Security of the EU stems from Nuclear Smuggling and terror groups operating in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia. Increasingly Sophisticated Chemical and Biological Weapons are accessible to organisations. 

Nuclear War in Europe: War in Ukraine, Intelligence and Prospect of Nuclear and

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