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South Asia one of the most populous, densely populated and volatile regions in the world remains in a state of ‘Unpleasant Stability’. Despite rich historical, cultural and political linkages, the region has embarrassingly poor mutual understanding and hence integration. While the failure of South Asia’s desired evolution as a cohesive region can be attributed to several factors ranging from terrorism, strained bilateral relations and the absence of military and strategic cooperation; India’s own engagement in the region has been found wanting, even though it has evolved over the years. A reinvigorated South Asia has the potential to vastly improve the lives of its 1.7 billion citizens – nearly one-fourth of all humanity – particularly India, the largest country of the region. The book is an important and valuable contribution as it attempts to bring under one volume a holistic understanding of the concept of strategic stability in South Asia; opportunities and challenges in the present geopolitical and geo-economic environment; to include rise of religious fundamentalism, strategic alliances / emerging partnerships between countries of the region and extra regional powers. It also analyses and puts forth recommendations for India’s own rise, peace and stability a ‘sine qua non’ for India to retain its pre–eminence in South Asia.

Strategic Stability in South Asia: Challenges and Implications for India

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