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There is a widespread perception amongst the intelligentsia that India lacks strategic culture. The deficiency if any perhaps lies in the reluctance to articulate India’s perceptions on strategic issues, as also to formulate a long term strategic view. As the oldest think tank in Asia, the United Services Institution of India (USI) decided to address the above issue and how it could contribute to the evolution and dissemination of strategic thought on challenges facing the Nation. To this end, the publication of a USI Strategic Yearbook 2016, which was the maiden attempt, received wide appreciation for its quality and contents. This current issue of the Yearbook contains series of articles by eminent persons and experts on various aspects of national security; the aim is to provide a strategic perspective which will create awareness and also help the policymakers in giving a strategic direction for India to transform into a developed society and a secured nation. USI hope’s that readers will find this publication useful and interesting.

Strategic Yearbook 2018

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    • Jun-20

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