The book ‘Strategists and Strategy’ was outcome from observations of functioning and conceptualisation of strategy at the level of junior and senior management, at unit and organisational level. What prompted the author in highlighting the issues as discussed in the book, were reluctance and the hesitancy of the management in strategising and the human aspects which has always played a very predominant part which is usually overlooked? The areas which make the strategy practical and successful are, strategists progressive thinking, deliberations in arriving at the deduction of options and courses of action, evaluation and relevance of the essential components of vision and strategy, the sensitivity factors in dealing and handling of resources, approach of positivity and optimism which always give impetus to the drive and determination, structured thinking and process evaluation to make the execution of strategy effective, meeting the challenges and lastly the strategist’s attitude which derives involvement and commitment.

Strategists And Strategy: Dynamics of Making Strategy

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  • Ashok Ganguly on superannuating from the corporate sector is presently engaged in consultancy services of Corporate HR & Administrative Management. He is Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in HR and Industrial Relations. During his stint in the corporate sector, he was engaged in senior management post of the departments of HR, Administration, Public Relations, Civil Projects and Security & Vigilance. He has been prolific writer and speaker and his presentation on corporate affairs has been well received at various institutes and organisational platforms.
    Ashok Ganguly had put in 34 years of military service before joining the corporate sector. He is having three decades of experience in military operations in North East India, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and High Altitude Sectors of Northern and Eastern India. He is recipient of Presidential Awards and Army Commendations for distinguished service in operations and staff duties. He retired in the rank of Brigadier in 2012.
    Masters in Defence Studies from Madras University, Post Graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Masters in Business Administration and Masters Diploma in Human Resources & Industrial Relations. He is a prolific writer and has been contributing articles in various magazines and newspaper; he has authored books on Leadership and Personality Development titled Leaders from the Barracks published in 2016, Military Professionalism titled Generalship: All That Really Matters published in 2018, on the Kashmir Issue and its problems tiled Kashmir: An Affair of Continued Existence published in 2019, on Self Development Managing Inner Conflicts in Professional Life in 2020 and latest book on resolving of the Kashmir Issue Kashmir Face Off India’s Quandary: Options for India published in 2021. This is his sixth book.